How To Resend An Existing Post In Your MailPress Newsletter

Every now and then something goes wrong on one of my blogs, and I want to resend an existing post in my next MailPress newsletter. Perhaps I mess up something in the server configuration and mail starts getting lost, but I don't notice for a few posts.

Creating a new post just so that it goes out in the next MailPress newsletter is a hassle. So here's how to resend an existing post in your MailPress newsletter:

(Be warned, it involves hacking the WordPress database, which can destroy your site if you get it wrong...)

  1. On the dashboard, choose Posts → All Posts and Edit the post you want to (re)send
  2. Note the post id “post=n” in the URL
  3. In another browser window, go to your hosting provider's control panel and open phpMyAdmin
  4. Select the WordPress database for your blog. If you don't remember it's name, open wp-config.php in your site's root directory and look for the setting DB_NAME.
  5. Select the table wp_postmeta
  6. Select Sort By Key: post_id
  7. Find the entry with post_id “n” and meta_key “MailPress_published”
  8. Click Delete on that entry.
  9. Double-check that you're only deleting that entry, not the whole table. (Doing that would destroy your blog).
  10. Back in the Edit Post window, click Update.

Your post will now go out in the next newsletter.

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