Increase Traffic to your Coaching Blog by joining The Man Coach Web Traffic Tribe

Do you have a website/blog aimed at helping men live a richer, more fulfilling and more confident life? Want to get more comments, web traffic, higher search ranking, business leads, and sales? If so, join the Man Coach Web Traffic Tribe.

Based on the idea of a commenting tribe I learned from Ana Hoffman of the Traffic Generation Cafe, I've created a Web Traffic Tribe for life coaches, dating coaches, relationship coaches, confidence coaches, therapists, and organisations whose target audience is men wanting a better life.

The basic idea is that we all read, comment on, and share each others blog articles on our social networks and Twitter feeds. This creates social proof online, builds visitor engagement, promotes our content more widely, increases our search engine ranking and generates more web traffic. By each of us giving a little to the tribe, we all end up gaining a lot.

Each week there are three rounds of article sharing starting Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Every member of the tribe can participate by specifying one article each round. When you participate in a round, you agree to read, comment on, and share (via Facebook, Twitter and Google +1 at least) all the other articles specified in that round. Comments should add value and reflect your opinion about the content of the article. It's give and take. When you leave a comment, you can also leave a link back to your own site.

You aren't obliged to share links to other member's articles to your email list; we don't want to flood/spam our precious email lists.

In order to join the tribe you need:

  • A website or blog aimed at helping men containing quality articles covering topics such as confidence, self-esteem, relationships, dating, attraction, women and sex. They must provide valuable information; not a sales pitch. You can include advertisements, links or sales pitches for your business elsewhere on the page or at the end of your articles.
  • Sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google +1 on all your articles, to make it quick & easy for other tribe members to share your content. I recommend the Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons WordPress plugin for this.
  • A Twitter feed with followers
  • Willingness to comment on and share other tribe member's articles on social bookmarking and social networking sites

I encourage you to share your best articles with the tribe. You can also share great articles that haven't yet got high traffic, and forums that you wish to get kickstarted.

I recommend installing the CommentLuv Premium plugin to allow other tribe members to link back to specific articles on their sites in return for sharing your articles.

To join the tribe, click here to visit the Facebook group and send me a request.

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9 Responses to Increase Traffic to your Coaching Blog by joining The Man Coach Web Traffic Tribe

  1. nuraj says:

    I just joined your tribe. Hope I can help you reach kick off. looking forward to all the great information.


  2. sean says:

    I just joined your tribe. Hope I can help you reach kick off. looking forward to all the great information.


  3. I wasn't aware of these tribes before, I'll definitetely give it a look, thanks.

  4. I'll join the tribe thanks for the opportunity and keep up the good work!

  5. This seems like an awesome tribe. It is important for bloggers to join at least one tribe which is relevant to what they write about. These help to grow a blogger and he or she can also learn new things from other bloggers.

  6. Jack says:

    Hi Graham,

    Tribes on social media websites are a great way to mutually increase blog posts popularity for everyone involved there. Thanks for the Coaching Blog Web Traffic Tribe info.

    Another good one is the Empowered Tribe on Facebook.

  7. Jay Kim says:

    I like the idea of sharing and giving while improving your status on the net. I am currently in process of building a site that will meet your criteria, once I'm done with the site I am most definitely will subscribe to the network. Thank you very much.

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