Get 2 Months Free ADSL2+ Internet When You Join Exetel In August

If you live in Australia and you want cheaper high-speed broadband ADSL2+ Internet access, you're in luck. Exetel are running a special promotion where you get 2 months free if you sign up to one of their Premium ADSL2+ plans on a 12 month contract before the end of August 2011.

If you haven't heard of Exetel, it's because they don't advertise; their business model is based on word-of-mouth. They buy wholesale telecommunication services from major network providers like Optus, and then resell them direct to customers at consistently the lowest rates on the market. If you aren't tech-savvy and need lots of hand-holding, they probably aren't for you; but if you know how to follow instructions, can configure settings yourself, and want a service that just works at the cheapest rates, they're ideal.

I've been with Exetel for a couple of years now after a friend put me onto them. They reward their customers with bonuses and discounts when you refer other people, which means you can get an even cheaper deal if you tell your friends. That's one reason I'm telling you. In this case, when you sign up for ADSL2+ not only do you get 2 months free access, but I get a $100 bonus. Everyone wins.

Note that in order to qualify for the 2 months free access, you must sign up with my Recommender Number: 0294729253. So check that Exetel services are available to you, and then click here to sign up for ADSL2+. You'll have cheaper ADSL2+ access faster than you can say "Who the heck are Exetel?"

PS: If you happen to read this after the end of August 2011, it's still worth switching to Exetel. They consistently have the cheapest rates, and they often extend their promotions.

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  1. that is a good deal for internet service. I wonder if they have it here in the states.

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