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Why I Switched From Joomla! to WordPress

If you've visited my home site before or are on my newsletter mailing list, you may have noticed that they look rather different now. That's because I recently switched from the Joomla! Content Management System (CMS) to WordPress.

Joomla! is a very powerful system and I know it reasonably well; I even wrote a feature article on building websites in Joomla!, but I eventually got tired of fighting to get it to do what I wanted on my home site.

Here are the main reasons behind my switch:

  • I finally realised that what I really want on my personal home site is a Blog, and blogging is WordPress's great strength.
  • Commenting and pingbacks are vital for engaging visitors and building traffic, and they are built in to WordPress.
  • I got tired of hacking my Joomla! template to get it to do things that WordPress can do by default, like
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The Best WordPress Plugins

One of the reasons WordPress is such a great blogging platform is the thousands of plugins available to add to its core functionality. There are so many available that it can be hard to choose which ones to use, and it took me weeks to evaluate the best plugins for providing the functionality I wanted on my blog. To save you having to do the same, here are my essential favourite WordPress plugins that I actually use on my site:

Site Structure And Appearance

Advanced Excerpt generates an excerpt of each post on my home page so visitors can browse recent posts to find what their interested in, and click the Continue Reading link if they want the whole thing.

WP No Category Base gives me a more logical structure with my category archives at: http://grahamstoney.com/categoryname, instead of the usual http://grahamstoney.com/categories/categoryname. Note that WordPress SEO by Yoast now has … Continue reading…

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Comparison of WordPress Email Newsletter Subscription Plugins

When I was migrating my blog from Joomla! to WordPress, I investigated a bunch of different automatic newsletter generation options. I concluded that MailPress was the best fit for my requirements. Here is a summary of what I found along the way.


Under Joomla! I used Vemod News Mailer to automatically mail new content to subscribers, and I wanted the same functionality under WordPress. My basic requirements, prioritized from most-to-least important, were for a solution that could:

  1. Automatically email new posts to all subscribers
  2. Send HTML
  3. Bulk Import subscribers from CSV file
  4. Export subscribers in a CSV file
  5. Support throttling to avoid mail server rate limitations
  6. Capture Name in addition to Email address
  7. Allow links in HTML
  8. Send a personalized email per article, Title as Subject
  9. Include links generated by the SEO Smart Links Pro plugin
  10. Include a simple unsubscribe link in every email
  11. Add a clickable list of
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