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How to Style the MailPress Subscription Widget

By default, the MailPress subscription widget looks pretty crude, because it has no styling. To make it look nice like the one on BuildYourBlog.net, you need to add some rules to the style.css file in your theme. Start by creating a child theme, if you haven't already done so. Then add these rules to your child theme's style.css:

/* Center the MailPress subscription form */
.MailPress { text-align: center; }

/* Widen the subscription form boxes, and put space between them */
.MailPressFormEmail, .MailPressFormName {
 width: 190px;
 margin: 5px 0;

There is no field in the widget for adding a friendly message inviting your visitors to subscribe, but you can do this by adding:

/* Add a friendly invitation to the top of the MailPress signup form */
.MailPress:before { content: "Enter your Email and Name to Subscribe
to my Free Newsletter:" }

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