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How to Set Up Automatic Bounce Email Processing in MailPress

MailPress 5.1 introduced an improved method for automatically handling bounce messages that occur when subscribers to your newsletter fall off the face of the earth with the Bounce_handling_II add-in. This helps reduce the load on your host's mail server, and ensures that your subscriber list doesn't contain bogus addresses.

The Variable Envelope Return Path (VERP) method of bounce processing provided by the original Bounce_handling add-in imposed some restrictions on your hosting provider. The improved method used by Bounce_handling_II is less restrictive and you must use it if your host can't:

  • Dynamically set the Return-Path on messages generated by PHP (e.g. IX Web Hosting)
  • Create a catch-all or address pattern-matching email box

Even if your host can do these things, the new approach described below is better because VERP requires a catch-all email box for all email sent to any unknown address on your domain, meaning that senders who misspell … Continue reading…

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How to Set Up Automatic Bounce Email Processing in MailPress using VERP

MailPress is the most powerful free self-hosted automatic newsletter and mailing list package for WordPress. If you don't believe me see my comparison with other WordPress newsletter plugins.

If you have a blog with many subscribers, you don't want to spend time handling bounce messages from readers who fall off the face of the earth, or from spammers who subscribe bad addresses for reasons that make no sense to me. To combat this, MailPress handles bounce messages automatically for you; but it can be a little tricky to set up.

MailPress has two different methods for handling bounce messages. The one described here uses a technique called Variable Envelope Return-Path (VERP) to identify where the bounce messages are coming from. The downside of this technique is that it relies on an address encoding trick that requires a mailbox which will catch all email addressed to a range of bounce … Continue reading…

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