How to Add a Horizontal Banner Ad to Your Mailpress Newsletter

Want to advertise a product or service in your MailPress newsletter? I did this by adding a horizontal banner ad at the bottom of the newsletter email, just above the footer. Here's how:

Firstly, create a horizontal banner ad image using The Gimp or some other graphics editing package. Make it the same width as the header image in your theme, which you can work out by looking for HEADER_IMAGE_WIDTH in your MailPress theme's MP_theme_html.class.php. I found a height of about 100 pixels looked good for me. Save the image in your theme's images directory named horizbanner.jpg.

Secondly, add these lines to the end of the style array in your theme's style.php:

'bannerad_img' => "margin:0 4px; border:none; padding:0;",

Finally, add these lines to the top of your theme's footer.php:

<a href="" title="Click Here to Get The Product" rel="generator">
    <img src='images/horizbanner.jpg' <?php $this->classes('bannerad_img'); ?> />

Customise the target URL in the href field to point to the page you want readers to visit when they click, and the title to describe the product they'll be getting.

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12 Responses to How to Add a Horizontal Banner Ad to Your Mailpress Newsletter

  1. Tapha says:

    I have only recently started using mailpress, so this is really useful.

    Had one or two issues with footer code, but sorted it out as it was my error. 🙂

  2. Molly says:

    This is a good tutorial I can pass on to someone I know who is in the process of adding a Newsletter to their blog and just what he is looking for. Whilst I think it is good to keep things simple a professional banner at the bottom of the Newsletter could definitely a nice touch. Thanks!

  3. name card says:

    before i tried Want to advertise a product or service in your MailPress newsletter. But have difficult. Thanks so much for your share

  4. Rob White says:

    Excellent information, Graham. Adding banner ads this way will certainly be useful for many bloggers and other persons who are looking to do some advertising on their website. Thanks for sharing the information on where to get the ad designed and the coding.

  5. DJ Maak says:

    Hey Graham,

    Thanks for the great tip. I'm always looking for non-invasive ways to add advertising to my newsletters. I agree with Jess that too many ads are a big turn off (or if they jump in your face right at the beginning). I also agree with you that a single banner ad at the end of a newsletter shouldn't bother anyone.

  6. Jess says:

    The more ads you use in your mails the less people will read them. Do you personally read the mails with ads? I don't. And if you really want to have an effective mail strategy, don't use it.

    • Graham says:

      Well I don't think a single banner ad is going to put anyone off, especially when it's at the bottom of the email. Cheers, Graham

  7. Anna says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this great tip! I have been wondering how people do this and now I know. I knew there had to be a simple way to add a banner to the bottom and just couldn't figure out the code.

  8. I'm glad that people know the technical stuff, share it with us that are less savvy. It greatly helps us to build better more attractive, better presented websites to keep our viewers engaged. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Elena Anne says:

    This is great! Thanks for letting us know. It is always helpful to learn knew things like this. It is amazing how many different options and ideas there are for making your blog truly your own. It is important to have a blog that is well designed and catches the readers' eyes.

  10. Duffie says:

    Great idea Graham I can't wait to try it as we will certainly will make good use of it.
    Thanks for sharing that with me, I wouldn't have worked that out for myself !

  11. Ann says:

    Hi Graham,
    This is a great advertising method for me. And, you make it sound so easy! I'm going to try this right away.

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