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Workaround for Poor Embedded Video Support in Email Clients

WordPress has a neat feature that allows you to easily embed content from video sharing sites such as YouTube by simply writing the URL of the video you want to embed in your post, like this:


When your post is displayed, this gets replaced with an iframe which contains the content you wanted to embed, like this:

This works great in a web browser, but isn't so good in your MailPress newsletter, because most email clients don't support iframes. Your readers end up with a newsletter with a blank space instead of the embedded video content. Andre has done some experiments to address this, but nothing has seen the light of day yet. The problem isn't really MailPress's fault, but it does make newsletters with postings containing embedded videos look pretty odd at present.

As a workaround, I suggest disabling the automatic embedding so that the email … Continue reading…

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How to Add Background Music to Your Posts

Do you like listening to music while you read? I do. And sometimes when I write a blog post, I find there's a song that's particularly relevant to what I want to say, so I want to make it easy for my readers to listen to that song while they read along. For example see my articles on Into The Wild and Path Of Love on my other blogs.

The way I do this is by embedding a YouTube video with the soundtrack I want on my blog with the video window clipped off by limiting its height to the height of the YouTube play control bar.

To embed the YouTube audio track on your blog, you need the WordPress Video Plugin. WordPress's built-in embed feature can't do this, because oEmbed will scale the video window when you attempt to reduce it's size; when what you really want to … Continue reading…

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