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How To Upgrade MailPress

I've recently upgraded MailPress on my comedy blog and The Confident Man Project. Upgrading MailPress is a little trickier than upgrading most WordPress plugins because the automatic upgrade will wipe out your local customisations, like your MailPress child theme.

Here's the simplest way I've found to do it:

  1. On the WordPress plugin panel, Deactivate the MailPress plugin
  2. Using FileZilla:
    1. Rename the old mailpress directory under wp-content/plugins to mailpress-version (where version is the version number in wp-content/plugins/mailpress/Mailpress.php)
    2. Create a subdirectory under wp-content/plugins named old if you haven't already done this
    3. Move the old mailpress directory to the old directory
  3. In WordPress:
    1. Go to Plugins → Installed Plugins so WordPress sees the plugin has disappeared
    2. Go to Plugins → Add New, Search for MailPress and Install Now
  4. Using FileZilla:
    1. Copy mailpress-config.php from old/mailpress-version to the new mailpress directory
    2. Copy your MailPress child theme from old/mailpress-version/mp-content/themes into
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