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Why I use Exetel for my ADSL2+ and Telephone

Last time I looked, Exetel had the cheapest deal on combined ADSL2+ & telephone bundles in Australia.

Six months ago I decided it was time to upgrade from ADSL1 to ADSL2+. Those YouTube videos kept stalling, and I was building more and more websites so I wanted a faster Internet link. At the time, I was with Optus on a Telstra ADSL1 line, and Optus had just come out with their 'yes' Fusion ADSL2+ bundle deal. But it looked pretty expensive, I was tired of waiting on hold for Optus customer service, and they refused to waive the 24-month contract period even though I was switching from another plan and had been their customer for over 5 years. So I decided it was time to shop around.

After weeks of looking at advertisements, comparing prices, surfing the 'net for the best deal I could find, a friend recommended Exetel. … Continue reading…

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