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Make Your Bullet Points More Sexy

Bullet points are an excellent way to convey lists of information in articles on your blog. They're easy to read, and generally quicker for readers to scan than the same information represented in full grammatically correct paragraphs. Bullet points are sexy, and here's how to make them even sexier.

Often I find the information in the bullet points I want to present isn't morally or emotionally neutral. There are good points, and bad points. Changing the bullet icon to a tick or a cross conveys this instantly:

  • Good point
  • Bad point

The advantages of using tick and cross icons in your lists are:

  • They instantly convey your emotional or moral choice about something
  • They're easy to read
  • They look sexy

The disadvantages of not using them are:

  • Your blog looks less cool
  • It's not as sexy
  • Everyone will think you're boring

Some lists may contain a mixture of good and … Continue reading…

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