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How to Create a Hidden Page in WordPress

Every now and then, I find the need to create a page on my blog that is easily accessible, but not widely publicised. Say I want to make a special offer available via a URL on a business card, in a presentation or in an interview. I don't want to keep the page highly secure, but I don't want casual browsers on the internet to find it either; a bit like an Unlisted YouTube video.

What I want is a hidden page. Typical example uses are:

  • ClickBank Thank You pages
  • Bonus promotions in advertising literature: "For a special bonus offer, visit site.com/bonusoffer"
  • Marketing promotions on business cards and in audio files
  • Any time you want to make a page with non-sensitive content easily accessible, but not widely promoted

Links to a hidden page should not appear on the site, nor be widely promoted in the usual traffic source channels … Continue reading…

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