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How to Add a Google +1 Button To Your Posts

Google recently introduced +1 buttons on its search results to indicate that you think something is cool. You can also add these to your blog, so that visitors can recommend your content easily when they read it.

I tried several WordPress plugins with my slightly modified TwentyTen theme before I could get a Google +1 button that worked the way I wanted. I ran these tests with Firefox version 5.


I wanted to keep it fairly simple, since I already use Sexy Bookmarks for my main social bookmarking.

Here is what I wanted:

  • It needs to work with TwentyTen; I.e. The buttons appear & do their job

  • Put a Google +1 button at the top and bottom of each post

  • Put the count beside the button, not above it

  • Include a Facebook Like button beside the Google+1 button

  • Put the bottom button above the Sexy Bookmarks icons


Initially … Continue reading…

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