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Comparison of WordPress Email Newsletter Subscription Plugins

When I was migrating my blog from Joomla! to WordPress, I investigated a bunch of different automatic newsletter generation options. I concluded that MailPress was the best fit for my requirements. Here is a summary of what I found along the way.


Under Joomla! I used Vemod News Mailer to automatically mail new content to subscribers, and I wanted the same functionality under WordPress. My basic requirements, prioritized from most-to-least important, were for a solution that could:

  1. Automatically email new posts to all subscribers
  2. Send HTML
  3. Bulk Import subscribers from CSV file
  4. Export subscribers in a CSV file
  5. Support throttling to avoid mail server rate limitations
  6. Capture Name in addition to Email address
  7. Allow links in HTML
  8. Send a personalized email per article, Title as Subject
  9. Include links generated by the SEO Smart Links Pro plugin
  10. Include a simple unsubscribe link in every email
  11. Add a clickable list of
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