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How To Stop 404 Errors Redirecting To search.conduit.com

(a.k.a.: How to remove the Conduit search virus)

There's an evil Firefox plugin distributed with some downloadable software which reconfigures Firefox to redirect to search.conduit.com whenever it encounters a 404 error from any website. I know it's evil because it's installed without your consent.

It's also confusing and massively annoying because you don't get to read the text of the 404 page which could actually help you find what you were looking for. Instead, you get to look at Conduit's crappy search engine. I know it's crappy because they need to install malware just to get you to visit it.

I searched forever to find how to remove this beast, and it seemed to keep on coming back all the time! I'd like to stamp this Conduit malware on the head and get it detected by virus scanners. So please submit it as malware to your chosen security software firm, … Continue reading…

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