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Fix for Posts with a Featured Image not being sent in MailPress

There's a bug somewhere in MailPress 5.3 that prevents posts from being sent in your newsletter if they contain a featured image. I'm not exactly sure why this happens, but it appears to be related to MailPress's attempt to reproduce the TwentyTen theme's evil habit of changing your site header according to a post's featured image.

Something seems to go wrong in the process; but given that you probably don't want the image in the header of your emails to change according to a post's featured image either, the simplest solution is to disable this buggy behaviour entirely. To do this, you need to edit the file mailpress/mp-includes/class/MP_theme_html_.class.php.

In the function header_image, delete or comment out these 3 lines:

//    case ( $post_id && function_exists('has_post_thumbnail') && function_exists('get_post_thumbnail_id') && function_exists('wp_get_attachment_image_src') && $post_id && has_post_thumbnail( $post_id ) && ($image = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id( $post_id ), 'post-thumbnail')) && ($image[1] 
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MailPress Enhancement/Bug Fix Wish List

MailPress is the most powerful free email newsletter plug-in for WordPress. Its ability to generate automatic newsletters from your posts is a great time-saver. Plus it has some powerful advanced features like open rate and link tracking, mailing lists and autoresponders.

Yet MailPress 5.1.1 also has some limitations, missing features and bugs which can really get in my way when I use it. At present it's merely great; once these issues are addressed it will be awesome.

So here's my list of enhancements I wish MailPress had, which would bring it much closer to replacing commercial email solutions like MailChimp and Aweber which don't integrate with WordPress anywhere near as cleanly. If you're a developer, I encourage you to give Andre a hand by submitting patches to add these enhancements, and fix these bugs.

I've ordered the list from most important to least important (to me, anyway):

Easy Subscribe to

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