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How To Disable OpenGraph Tag Generation In Simple Facebook Connect

The Simple Facebook Connect plugin is the best way I've come across to automatically update your Facebook wall and/or fan page when you post. It seems to do a better job than the Facebook plugin, and is free unlike Network Publisher who recently reduced the number of networks you can share on for free dramatically.

However, Simple Facebook Connect uses an evil hack to generate OpenGraph tags based on a WordPress post's contents that causes the post to be generated twice internally. This causes subtle conflicts with many other plugins, including MailPress. Plenty of other plugins can generate OpenGraph tags, but you can't have more than one doing the job at any time and there's currently no automatic way to arbitrate between them, so we need a way to disable this feature in every plugin that supports it.

There's currently no option to disable OpenGraph tags in Simple Continue reading…

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Updating Your Facebook Status Automatically With Facebook Plugin

Facebook have written their own plugin which allows you to update your Facebook status automatically via it's Social Publishing feature. There are other plugins out there that can do this for you, but I thought I'd try the plugin written and maintained by the Facebook team themselves. It works, but there are a few things to look out for.… Continue reading…

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How to Connect Your Blog to Facebook

Social media is all the rage, and Facebook is the place to be. Connecting your blog to Facebook allows your friends and followers to get updates from you in their newsfeed whenever you publish a new post. For example, see the Facebook page for

Here's how to set your blog up so your Facebook wall updates automatically when you post:

Create a Facebook Page For Your Blog

This first step is optional, depending on how you want your Facebook account to be structured. If the blog you're building is your personal home site, you're not a celebrity and don't plan to become one, you can post your blog updates to your personal wall. That's how my personal blog is configured to publish to my personal Facebook account's wall. If you want to do this, you should skip to the next step.

On the other hand, if you … Continue reading…

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