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How To Remove The Google Custom Search Box At The Bottom Of Your Posts

I recently had a Google Custom Search box appear at the bottom of all the posts on my blog, which I don't remember asking for. After a bit of digging, I found that the Really Simple Share plugin was generating it. I'm guessing it's a new feature, that ReadyGraph have turned on by default in order to make some cash. Here's how to remove it:

Go to Really Simple Share -> Share Options.

In General Options, deselect Google Search Box.

And you're done!… Continue reading…

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How to Migrate from SEO Ultimate to WordPress SEO by Yoast

I've tried a few WordPress SEO plugins over the years, from All In One SEO Pack to Robots Meta and then to SEO Ultimate; but that was before Joost de Valk (a.k.a. Yoast) released WordPress SEO by Yoast which is now my SEO plugin of choice for WordPress. If you want the definitive answer at who is the best SEO guy for WordPress, just do a Google search for WordPress SEO and see who ranks in position #1. That's one reason why I'm switching from to Yoast's plugin, and it has some other great features too like an awesome search results preview that helps you to optimise not just your search ranking, but also click-through rates.

Switching SEO plugins is no mean feat since you've probably already got meta descriptions and other information that you don't want to lose. There are also a few other tricks to migrating, so … Continue reading…

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No more dofollow for this blog, I'm afraid

I'm getting way too many spammy comments from visitors who are clearly only interested in a dofollow backlink. Many of them look like they've been human generated but they're not adding value, so I've decided to disable the Do Follow plugin on this blog. I no longer recommend this plugin as it attracts too many link seekers who aren't really interested in engaging with you as a blogger.

From now on if you want a dofollow backlink, you'll have to play by CommentLuv Premium's rules and share the article before leaving your comment.… Continue reading…

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Comparison of ClickBank Vendor eBook Sales Plugins for WordPress

If you want to make your fortune selling ebooks to the masses, ClickBank is the platform for doing it. Most successful ebook and other digital download sales sites use it for their payment processing and affiliate support. ClickBank handles credit card payments for you and the affiliate system makes it dead easy for other people, including competitors in your own niche, to promote your product for you in return for a proportion of your profits.

To sell an ebook on ClickBank you need:

  • A ClickBank Vendor account
  • Your ebook product listed in the ClickBank marketplace
  • A Pitch page on your blog describing your product with your Buy Now button linked to ClickBank
  • A Thank You page where the customer lands after they pay to download your product

Thank You page handling is the trickiest part of this process, because you want to secure your site so that people can't steal … Continue reading…

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How to Enable Comment Processing in SEO Smart Links Pro

Note: This feature is back in SEO Smart Links Pro 1.8.1; so if you want comment processing, just upgrade and enable the option. For historical interest...

Back when I did my review of Automatic Keyword Affiliate Link Plugins, my preferred choice SEO Smart Links Pro supported keyword matching in comments. So if one of my blog commenters mentioned HostGator say, that keyword would automatically turn into an affiliate link.

I liked this feature.

Unfortunately it led to so many support requests that the plugin author removed it. Apparently on blogs with large numbers of comments, the extra processing time is too much for many servers. So if you have a blog with thousands of comments, just live and let live. But if you only have a few, and really want this feature, and promise not to hassle the plugin author about it... Here's how to re-enable comment processing in … Continue reading…

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How to Add a Google +1 Button To Your Posts

Google recently introduced +1 buttons on its search results to indicate that you think something is cool. You can also add these to your blog, so that visitors can recommend your content easily when they read it.

I tried several WordPress plugins with my slightly modified TwentyTen theme before I could get a Google +1 button that worked the way I wanted. I ran these tests with Firefox version 5.


I wanted to keep it fairly simple, since I already use Sexy Bookmarks for my main social bookmarking.

Here is what I wanted:

  • It needs to work with TwentyTen; I.e. The buttons appear & do their job

  • Put a Google +1 button at the top and bottom of each post

  • Put the count beside the button, not above it

  • Include a Facebook Like button beside the Google+1 button

  • Put the bottom button above the Sexy Bookmarks icons


Initially … Continue reading…

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Comparison of Keyword Affiliate Link Plugins for WordPress

When I built The Confident Man Project website, I wanted to create affiliate links from keywords in the articles on the site so that I got paid when a visitor purchased a product that I recommended. Rather than inserting these links manually, I wanted them generated automatically so that all I had to do was specify the anchor keywords and my affiliate link.

For instance, when I mentioned Double Your Dating, I wanted that text to convert automatically into a link; just like it did in this article. I also wanted to streamline my link cloaking mechanism. Up until then, I'd been cloaking my links by creating a 301 redirect manually on the control panel of my hosting provider and then manually adding links to articles which pointed to that redirect. This was a hassle, and I wanted to have it handled for me within WordPress instead.


Here … Continue reading…

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The Best WordPress Plugins

One of the reasons WordPress is such a great blogging platform is the thousands of plugins available to add to its core functionality. There are so many available that it can be hard to choose which ones to use, and it took me weeks to evaluate the best plugins for providing the functionality I wanted on my blog. To save you having to do the same, here are my essential favourite WordPress plugins that I actually use on my site:

Site Structure And Appearance

Advanced Excerpt generates an excerpt of each post on my home page so visitors can browse recent posts to find what their interested in, and click the Continue Reading link if they want the whole thing.

WP No Category Base gives me a more logical structure with my category archives at:, instead of the usual Note that WordPress SEO by Yoast now has … Continue reading…

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