Why I use Exetel for my ADSL2+ and Telephone

Last time I looked, Exetel had the cheapest deal on combined ADSL2+ & telephone bundles in Australia.

Six months ago I decided it was time to upgrade from ADSL1 to ADSL2+. Those YouTube videos kept stalling, and I was building more and more websites so I wanted a faster Internet link. At the time, I was with Optus on a Telstra ADSL1 line, and Optus had just come out with their 'yes' Fusion ADSL2+ bundle deal. But it looked pretty expensive, I was tired of waiting on hold for Optus customer service, and they refused to waive the 24-month contract period even though I was switching from another plan and had been their customer for over 5 years. So I decided it was time to shop around.

After weeks of looking at advertisements, comparing prices, surfing the 'net for the best deal I could find, a friend recommended Exetel. They don't advertise, so you can only hear about them by word-of-mouth or if you search for them. And they do all their business over the Internet. The money they save on expensive ads and call centers means that they have the best deals. If you're tech-savvy and don't need a lot of technical support, this is ideal.

It's been 6 months now since I joined up, and I'm very happy. I'm on the INC2DSLA plan, which costs $55/month and gives me a home phone line and ADSL2+ with 8Gb of peak-usage downloads plus another 60Gb of off-peak downloads. Excess usage is $3/Gb. They've since changed the plans they offer: the NF/20IncTel plan at $60/month still gives you 5Gb/month with excess usage at only $0.50/Gb. Compare that with Optus's $79/month 'yes' Fusion Plan offering only 4Gb/month and excess usage at a whopping $150/Gb. Yikes.

Exetel also offer a Naked/VOIP phone plan which is even cheaper; but I wanted a “real” telephone line. Mostly for sentimental reasons I think. How would I use a VOIP phone if the power went out?

I'm using a Netcomm NB6PPlusW ADSL2+ modem and wireless router, which combines the ADSL2+ modem you need to connect to the phone line with wireless capability so you don't need to plug your computer into it. I got mine at the local computer store, but Exetel will ship one to you if you just select this option when you signup. It's good value and easy to configure; it just works.

One small catch is that if your home phone isn't currently with Telstra, you'll need to switch to them first before switching to Exetel. I had to do this, since I was with Optus.

Exetel also have a referral program, so if you like them and recommend them to friends who sign up, you get a credit on your next bill. So if you want to upgrade your broadband Internet connection or save money by switching to a lower cost carrier, visit Exetel's home page or click here to sign up for ADSL2+ with Exetel.

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  1. Drazic says:

    Great post Graham. I know it's a little old now, but I am contemplating signing up with Exetel - so if you're still with them, let me know and I'd be happy to put your referral number in my application.

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