My MailPress Hacks

I have a small list of hacks that I make to MailPress every time I upgrade. It's been shrinking as some of the issues have been addressed in the plugin, but I thought I'd share my local modifications with you:

Remove "[Blog Name] New post" from Subjects

I'd rather have the Subject line of my newsletters read like a personal email than an automatically generated one, so I change:

Under <mail><subject>
Strip "[%1$s] New post : "

Under <mail><Template>singlecat</Template><subject>
Strip "[%1$s] New post in {{the_taxonomy}} : "

Friendlier Messages

I like messages that are clear to non-MailPress users, so I change:

mp-content/languages/MailPress.pot:4149 &
Change "Waiting for your confirmation" to "Check your inbox and confirm your email address"

mp-content/languages/MailPress.pot:4133 &
Change "Loading..." to "Processing..."

Featured Images

Apply the hack to avoid featured images appearing in the header image of the email. If you don't do this, posts with a featured image won't get processed.

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4 Responses to My MailPress Hacks

  1. Jan Kasal says:

    I just want to be sure before I start messing up the files. In the example
    Strip '[%1$s] New post in {{the_category}} : '
    Do you mean inserting the word Strip, or delete the part between the quotes?
    BTW that line looks different in the file of the same name in my directory.
    Thank you.

  2. Is It ? After every upgrade we've to apply them ? It doesn't seems good...

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