How To Add Users To Your MailPress Newsletter Manually

Every now and then you want to add a new user to your MailPress newsletter and/or mailing list, without them having to go through the normal subscription process. For example, to create test users or for people who you meet and give you their email address offline.

It's easy to do this, but not so easy to find. On your WordPress dashboard, select Mails -> All Users. Scoll down to the bottom of the Users list. Click in the box next to the Bulk Add button. Options appear magically to allow you to select a mailing list to add them to, and whether you need them to confirm (i.e. Require Authorization) or not (i.e. Activate); generally, you want to select Activate. Enter pairs of email addresses and names, separated by , and ;. Then click Bulk Add. All new additions get added to the default newsletter and any mailing list you select.

You can also add users via Mails -> Import if you already have the names and email addresses stored in a file.

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5 Responses to How To Add Users To Your MailPress Newsletter Manually

  1. Geoff Wass says:


    Great timing as I'm just trying to get a handle on MailPress and this posting touches one area where I have questions.

    When you are viewing Mails>All Users, is there a way to bulk add a group of users to a mailing list? Let's say you have 100 users and there are 18 you want to add to a new mailing list. Can it be done without having to manually enter the 18 pairs of names and mailing addresses? I'm wishing to be able to click on the checkboxes next to the users that need to be added to the new mailing list, choose the mailing list and then click a button to add them to the list.

    • Graham says:

      Enable the Bulk_import Add-on under Plugins -> MailPress Add-ons, and try Mails -> Import/Export, csv. It's a bit primitive, so you'll probably have to sort/filter your users first in Excel or OpenOffice Calc and create a CSV file containing just the users you want to import. Use two columns, headed "name" and "email". Any extra columns end up as MailPress properties attached to the users. Cheers, Graham

      • Geoff Wass says:


        Thank-you for the suggestion. I had a feeling I would have to resort to an indirect method of doing that. What you suggest makes sense and should work.

        Thanks again.

  2. Ovidiu says:

    nice tip but you forgot to mention that the mailpress add-on called "Bulk_import" needs to be activated for this!

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