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How To Allow Contributors To Set A Featured Image

I'm finally getting into outsourcing, and I came across one small gotcha while outsourcing the transcription of a bunch of YouTube videos on The Confident Man Channel. I wanted my freelancer to transcribe the videos and create a blog post on The Confident Man Project with the text of what I said in each video.

Now I don't want to give my freelancer free reign on my site, so I created a user for them to log in with, assigned the role of Contributor. This allows them to create draft posts for submission, but not to publish them. I still get the final chance to review the posts before hitting the “publish” button. (One day I'll let go of control completely... but not yet).

That's all well and good, except that by default Contributors can't upload and set featured images, which many themes use to entice readers to click … Continue reading…

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How to Create a Hidden Page in WordPress

Every now and then, I find the need to create a page on my blog that is easily accessible, but not widely publicised. Say I want to make a special offer available via a URL on a business card, in a presentation or in an interview. I don't want to keep the page highly secure, but I don't want casual browsers on the internet to find it either; a bit like an Unlisted YouTube video.

What I want is a hidden page. Typical example uses are:

  • ClickBank Thank You pages
  • Bonus promotions in advertising literature: "For a special bonus offer, visit"
  • Marketing promotions on business cards and in audio files
  • Any time you want to make a page with non-sensitive content easily accessible, but not widely promoted

Links to a hidden page should not appear on the site, nor be widely promoted in the usual traffic source channels … Continue reading…

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How to Add Background Music to Your Posts

Do you like listening to music while you read? I do. And sometimes when I write a blog post, I find there's a song that's particularly relevant to what I want to say, so I want to make it easy for my readers to listen to that song while they read along. For example see my articles on Into The Wild and Path Of Love on my other blogs.

The way I do this is by embedding a YouTube video with the soundtrack I want on my blog with the video window clipped off by limiting its height to the height of the YouTube play control bar.

To embed the YouTube audio track on your blog, you need the WordPress Video Plugin. WordPress's built-in embed feature can't do this, because oEmbed will scale the video window when you attempt to reduce it's size; when what you really want to … Continue reading…

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How to Escape Shortcodes in a WordPress post

WordPress has a feature called shortcodes, which allow you to embed dynamically generated content, often from plugins, into your posts by wrapping the shortcode in square brackets [ and ]. For example, to embed a MailPress signup form, you go:


This works great, unless you're writing about WordPress plugins, and want to describe the shortcode rather than have it activate. In this case, you need to escape the shortcode by doubling the square brackets around it, like this:


(If you're really paying attention, you'll realize that I had triple brackets around that last example while editing this article.)… Continue reading…

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